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Grupodot certified in google machine learning

We are specialists in Machine learning.

Grupodot Premier Partner:
partners google cloud and google marketing

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Premier partner google cloud y google marketing platform

Grupodot Premier Partner:


We are specialists in Machine learning.

We are a team sharing the passion for investigation, with the goal of create a positive and relevant impact for the word. Our mission is to design and upgrade the analytics, creative and artificial intelligence skills of our clients, working


Our Products

Machine Learning

Powered by Google Cloud

Is possible to answer question about business behavior, users segmentation, trends identification and predictive models using artificial intelligence and Google Cloud´s tools.

grupodot machine learning
grupodot interaction design

Interaction Design

Interaction design define each contact point with the client, being conscious and effective, besides, extracting data that allow understand his needs and improve the commercial offer.

Enterprise Portals

The enterprise portals and e-commerce platforms are build with a strong architecture, thinking about traceability, communication with the clients and behavior analysis of each user during the purchase intention.

Machine Learning


Partner Premium

google cloud partner

Use the infrastructure, data analysis and automatic learning system by Google.

Partner Reseller

google marketing platform

It’s a unified advertising and analytics platform to develop your marketing strategy smarter with better results.

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