Who we are?

Who we are?

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Grupodot´s history

Grupodot´s history


We have developed for 15 years methodologies that increase an integral view from design, engineer, marketing, sociology and psychology.

Nowadays, we are service partners for Google Cloud Platform and Backbase. We have projects and clients in banking, telecommunications, education and Government.

Since 2004, we have evolved with a model based on interaction design for conceptualization and service deployment that optimize the relation between our clients and his users.


CEO: Expert planning projects that involved conceptualization, design, construction and start up of interaction services that create value and a positive impact on medium and large companies of any industry.

Systems engineer, focused on data mining, interaction design projects (IxD) and leadership of multidisciplinary teams.

The everyday big question is:

How to give a better perception and understanding to the brands and companies about his customers behaviour?

CTO: Germán Ramírez
Electronic engineer, expert on solutions architecture based on Cloud technology and Machine Learning.

  • UI/UX Designer

    Developing high quality designs, based on the good UX practices and methodologies. Taking care interaction of the client with the product, offering relevant experiences in usability, accessibility and quality in the complete project cycle.

    Solution Architect

    Setting the technical standards and defining the architecture of the systems based decisions on high level design and making work the functional and not functional requirements of the business.

    QA Tester

    Assuring the requirements of each project, ensuring that the products, applications and systems work correctly.

    Project manager

    Who planning and executing each stage of the project, taking care the reach, time and resources that have to disposition.

    Leader support

    Maintaining the IT infrastructure of the company and the projects, seeking the best performance and establishing adequate security mechanisms for the information of the systems.

    It support engineer

    Performs corrective and preventive maintenance of the technological components of the company.

    Full stack developer

    Defining the characteristics and requirements for the client's website, ensuring the technical feasibility of the interface to offer a good user experience.

    Developer Frontend

    Who establish the characteristics and requirements for the website, ensuring the technical viability of the interface that optimizes the site and impact the user.

    Data scientist

    Data scientists employ analytical, statistical and programming skills to analyze and interpret big data, designing solutions to business problems of current and potential customers.

    Consultor SEO

    Who position the client´s website by means of techniques and actions that help to achieve greater visibility in the internet search engines.

    BackEnd Developer

    Evolving the software development sites, to ensure the coherence of the system and improve the user experience.

  • Marketing Manager

    Directs the marketing team to meet the company's objectives from the area, creating strategies to position the brand and support the sales area with the acquisition of new leads.

    Content Manager

    Creates, improves and maintains the content of the company, in order to achieve the business objectives aligned with the identity of the brand.

    Public Relations Representative

    Manage the communication and relationship of the organization with partners and customers and prospects, supporting the administrative and logistical procedures required by management positions.

  • Bussiness development manager

    Lead the design, implementation and execution of business development strategies focused on the financial growth of the company.

    Sales professional

    In charge of identifying and developing new business opportunities with current and potential clients.

    Sales assistant

    Support with administrative tasks to the commercial area, delivering requested reports and coordinating appointments for the managers of the area.

  • Operations administrator

    Support the administrative tasks that are requested, guaranteeing the execution of the processes under their charge.

    HR assistant

    Execute the relevant activities for the management of human resources through the efficient collaboration of the systems that compose it.

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