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We are specialists in data analytics

We are specialists in data analytics

We keep working to be the most complete solution for our clients, for this reason, we achieve specialization in data analytics, which demonstrates our knowledge in the treatment of big data through Google Cloud tools.
Google expresses that partners with this specialization “have proven successful in preparing, storing and analyzing data using Google Cloud Platform.” The products included in this recognition are: BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Datalab and Cloud Pub / Sub.

Google Cloud Partner specialization Data Analytics

This specialization is added to the one achieved last June 4 in machine learning, where we became the only company in Latin America with this recognition, and part of the 20 companies in the world with the capacity for data exploration, pre-processing, training, evaluation and implementation of models, online prediction and previously trained Google machine learning APIs.  

We are now working on our next goal, to achieve specialization in marketing analytics, which focuses on strategic decision making based on data.  

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